Friday, March 2, 2012

Vorse Eye Makeup - Star Fields

1. Apply primer and/or foundation as usual.

2. Grab a nice sky/baby blue shadow (I'm using a cream shadow for this look - my first time ever trying one out!) and apply it all over your lid.

3. Apply more blue to get a nice rich color. Then, apply a gorgeous navy blue to your crease. I actually used a match to do this because I'm weird. Blend as necessary.

4. Take a shimmery, bordering on glittery, black and apply it on top of the navy shade then apply navy in the empty space left over between the black/navy and the bright blue.

5. Use a black eye liner to line your upper lash line. Drag it out a little bit past your eye for a nice cat eye effect.

6. Take a dark blue/navy liner (I used a shimmery one) and go over the black liner. I extended it a little further than the black cat eye. I also used a little navy liner to line just a small part of my lower lash line - just under a third of the way in.

7. Apply mascara. I always do two coats. Note: My curler smudged my eyeliner so I had to redo it afterward.

The final product:

Eyes Closed - Sorry it's randomly blurry!

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