Friday, March 2, 2012

Backstage Bar & Grille Makeup - Humming Bird

1. Apply primer and/or foundation as usual.

2. Using a rich, goldenrod kind of yellow, apply shadow to your lid starting about a third of an eye length away from your inner corner. Angle it out and up into the crease, then extend it beyond your eye. Feel free to go as far as you like.

3. OPTIONAL: This may be difficult to see in the picture, but I also applied a very light, shimmery yellow to my lid because I feel the yellow was a bit too dark and could use some sparkle.

4. Grab some light purple shadow (mine has a hint of blue in it) and apply it to the third of the eye lid that was left bare. Angle it out like you did with the yellow shadow and form a half circle shape. Apply some shadow to the crease as well.

5. Using some purple eye liner, line your top lash line and extend it beyond your eye for a cat eye effect.

6. Apply mascara - I always do two coats. You can line your lower lashes in black as well.

Final Product:

Eyes Open:

Eyes Closed:

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