Friday, March 2, 2012

Bonus: Revlon Photo Ready Foundation Review

So I never planned on posting reviews on this blog since I wanted it to be all about music and the looks that I wear to them but last week I found myself in the midst of a crisis. I was supposed to grab dinner and drinks with a male friend I hadn't seen in years and his friends and I had been running around/working since 5am.

I had none of my usual tools on me so I ran into Target to at least try to find some foundation I could use to try and not look like I had crawled out of a gutter. I soon found myself looking through Revlon cosmetics. I had actually never used one of their foundations before but I had heard some good things about their Photo Ready line so I decided to snag myself a bottle.

Basically...I'm tossing my old foundation out the window. You see, my previous one (I won't name it so as not to slam the company) always dried out my skin no matter what I did, even though it wasn't supposed to. Revlon's Photo Ready foundation made my face flawless and dewy, not dried out and itchy. It also lasted hours beyond what I had ever experienced otherwise. I also love that it's such a light weight mousse instead of a liquid. It's sooooo easy to blend! You don't need to slather it on your face for great coverage either, a little goes a long way.

I won't lie, it was more expensive than my old one (a little over $10) but well worth the price. Hurray for happy accidents!

Note: I wasn't paid to write any of this. I purchased Revlon's foundation with my own money.

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