Friday, March 2, 2012

Taken, Circadian Rhythm, Derailer, Til We Die, and Knightstorm at Backstage Bar & Grille in Nashua, NH

So this is roughly three weeks old because I am a horrible person and I apologize.

This was my first visit to Backstage and I have to say, I had a GREAT time! The bartenders were fantastic and that may have been the coolest Jager girl I've ever met. Also, you can't beat a $3 cover charge.

On to the music:

Taken - Female fronted metal band. I lost interested pretty quickly. They were simply nothing new and sounded just like any other female fronted metal band. So what did I do? I had some vodka, whipped cream and Swedish Fish flavored and got the party going.

Circadian Rhythm - I was genuinely impressed by these guys. They had a bit of a Sevendust feel to them and anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Sevendust. I would definitely go see them again.

Derailer - Some older rockers who know how to bring it! They were hilarious, adorable, and really awesome guys to spend time and do some shots with. My second favorite act of the night <3

Til We Die - I had never heard of this group before but they played an insanely long set which was pretty sweet. Their frontman was really into it and wound up jumping on top of the bar at one point.

Bonus: While I was entranced by the UFC fight, he walked by, smiled at me, and poked my nose. He was very cute.

Bonus #2: After they finished, he came back and had my friends and I do Jager shots with him. Win!

Knightstorm - This was my second time seeing this band and the only reason I had wanted to go out that night anyway. They didn't wear their costumes for the show but they still rocked just as hard as ever. There's something to be said about older musicians - they've had the time to really master their instruments and it always shows without fail. Hell, I didn't bother to even leave the bar until they came on. Respect!

Bonus: We got an encore!

All in all, it was a good night.

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