Monday, January 30, 2012

Vorse - Rocko's in Manchester, NH 1/28/12

After ages of my friends trying to get me to go see Vorse, I finally had a chance to. You see, my friend is the drummer and his girlfriend is also a good friend of mine so I kind of owed them.

Anyway, apart from the venue's horrible sound system (and their douche sound guy turning their bass down to practically nothing), it was a fun show. Angelos' drumming was fantastic and I would've never guessed that their singer, Andrew, had such a big voice hidden in that scrawny little body. What little bass could actually be heard, I enjoyed but then again, I am a total bass whore and always want more.

We left soon after Vorse left the stage. Shitty local emo bands are not my thing.

Bonus: Denny's for three hours afterward!

I'm looking forward to seeing these guys again.

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