Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mask & Raid Masquerade - 1/13/12 Limelight Lounge in Haverhill, MA

This was a free show so of course we had to be there! It was my first time ever even going to Haverhill but I had a blast! It was a tiny venue but those are always the best and it was great to make a few new friends while enjoying drinks (maybe a few too many), free food, and great music. Also, the Cemetary Dolls were there promoting their new pin up calendar.

On to the live music of the night!

Robot-Clean - A Misfits cover band. Now, I am not particularly a fan of punk but they really knew how to bring the energy and can anyone really resist singing along when someone randomly plays Bliztkreig Bop by the Ramones or Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen? If you said yes, you're wrong.

Bonus: Got free tickets to the gun show courtesy of the lead singer who also let me feel his biceps after their set. I'm a sucker for beefy arms!

Wolfbane - I had heard of this MA metal band before but never had the chance to actually check them out in person. Let me just say this, I definitely became a fan within their first few seconds on stage. There are a lot of metal bands out there that claim to be great and/or original (why wouldn't you just say great too?) but few can actually bring something to the table that impresses me, much less grabs my attention. That being said, Wolfbane was a welcome change from the Oh-God-A-Shit-Local-Band torture that I expect at local shows. I can't wait to see them again!

Bonus: One of their guitarists was fascinated by my coloring changing LED mohawk.

Mask & Raid - The headlining band of the night. I really enjoyed these guys, seemed to veer more into the progressive side of metal which can be very hit or miss with me but they weren't bad. They're no Mastdon but they've got some serious talent.

Bonus: I was too drunk to leave the bar and get up to the stage. Red headed sluts all around!

All in all, my favorite band of the night was definitely Wolfbane. They brought the energy (their singer wound up inches beneath the ceiling at one point), they were loud, and they were brutal. All things I look for in good music.

Bonus: Guys in masks are hot. Especially in gas masks. Just saying.

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